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Something that has always been instilled in me by my parents is to 'just get outside'. No matter the weather or the time of day, just be outdoors engaging with our world.

This is something that I feel is becoming lost especially amongst the generations like ours who are growing up surrounded by technology and the internet.

With a two year old growing up watching me and analysing my every move I'm even more aware of the extra effort we need to make as a family to be on our phones less and on the move more. We need to be educating our children in the things that really matter, how to take care of our planet and reduce our impact on it.

A breath of fresh air a day can do the world of good, from clearing your head of the days stresses to releasing endorphins from a quick walk around the block.

Our family aren't so much of a 'quick walk' type, we're more of a pack a bag and disappear for the day kind of family, which I find only adds to the sense of adventure when we don't know quite where we're going or where we're going to end up. Unless we're totally ill equipped and end up soaked to the skin and shaking in our boots! Even so, the latter is an adventure you will remember- one of those days where you forget the weather and become so engrossed in your surroundings. A book I'm reading at the moment called 'How to Hygge' has a beautiful quote in it which reads "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing".

Today we ended up exploring the West Coast of Cornwall, along Mawgan Porth, Watergate Bay and finally at Bedruthan Steps- quite possibly amongst some of the most breathtaking views in the Country. Along the way, as per every beach walk, we stopped and picked up rubbish and did a mini beach clean. If you can remember to jam a spare carrier bag in your pack you will, unfortunately, fill it in no time- but you've done your bit in helping to keep our coastlines clean. We always set some 'rubbish' aside to take home with us to turn into art or help make some sort of project we've set upon.

With children in tow this can sometimes prove slightly harder work but we've found that as long as Oscar is engaged, whether that be searching for shells or crabs it makes it enjoyable for all of us. Recently we have been surprised with some comments Oscar has made which are more thoughtful and articulate, really showing that he is taking in everything we're showing him and he's learning to care about his environment. We also have those days where I find the most beautiful shells to take back to the workshop and when I show Oscar he carefully picks them up and studies them and then launches them into the sea! (cue my heart breaking a tiny bit)

In the house on a daily basis it's so easy to get too busy and never find time to be outside but we have begun doing things the other way round and instead of making time for jobs in the house we set time aside to just be outside. Ultimately, the washing can wait- I would much rather be doing household work at 11pm with salt in my hair and a smile on my face than missing out on a good adventure. A lot of people I talk to find this a hard concept to grasp and think it can't surely be a reality with the daily grind of work and home life, but it really can be once priorities are realised. We don't achieve this every week, but there are some weeks where we get out almost every day and the balance is restored.

Stop, drop and adventure!

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