Bringing the outdoors in

I've always been a firm believer that being outdoors is great for your soul and your sanity. The fresh air and calmness instantly revitalises you and the wind in your face is enough to blow away negativity and feel a new lease of energy.

Being amongst nature also has a grounding effect, especially helping you to be more conscious and ‘awake’, more aware that the world is greater and more powerful than you are. I find it the best way to bring yourself back down to earth and feel more in touch with yourself again.

In our home we have as much greenery as we can fit and plenty of ‘found’ objects. Those collected from holidays, walks on the beach and some picked up from antique stores and even eBay. Each one carries its own story, from the preserved crab and giant conch shell to the chunk of driftwood with air plants squeezed into the holes.

We’ve usually focused more on potted plants; Ferns, Cacti, Succulents, Mother in Laws Tongue, and Aloe Vera to name a few. But recently we started to pick up more air plants and experiment with some new structures and ways of including them in our interior style. They’re so easy to look after, all they need is air to survive (and a little rainwater mist every now and again) and they're good to go.

The way we feel when we have plants in the house is much calmer and knowing the goodness they can do and in some cases the toxins or ‘poisons’ they can take from the air make you feel like you’re breathing cleaner air.

Try for yourself opening your home up to the outdoors and letting nature in, let me know how you find it!

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