Women's Longitude Latitude Cuff

SKU: 00044
  • One of our best selling pieces.

    This is a truly special piece which has exact coordinates that pinpoint a specific place on earth, either where you got engaged, where you got married, the first house you bought together, where your child was conceived/given birth to, where you first met your partner etc the list is endless. It makes the perfect gift.

    Instructions For Personalisation:

    Go to www.latlong.net to find your coordinates and drop the pinpoint exactly where you want it on the map. Then scroll down and just under the map it says GPS Coordinates, copy and paste this into the personalisation section. 


    Inside bangle personalisation maximum 5 words. All words will be written in uppercase.

    Measures 5mm wide, 2mm thick.

    Made from 100% recycled 925 Sterling Silver

    Size Guide: 

    X-SMALL - Bangle size 13CM. Wrist Circumference 14.5CM - 15CM

    SMALL - Bangle size 14CM. Wrist Circumference 15.5CM - 16CM

    MEDIUM - Bangle size 15CM. Wrist Circumference 16.5CM - 17CM

    LARGE - Bangle size 16CM. Wrist Circumference 17.5CM - 18CM