Wrist Tie with Charm

  • We’ve been working on these wrist ties for a long time now, they’re hand dyed by Sam and I at home, using all natural dyes such as turtle beans, spinach, tumeric, avocado pits and black tea. The material is jersey fabric that is a direct waste product of the fashion industry, they tie in a simple overhand knot and look just like a surfboard leash string with a charm on (don’t actually use them for that, you may be disappointed when your board drifts out to sea). 
    Because of the jersey fabric they have a slight stretch in them which means once you’ve wiggled the knot down to fit your wrist you can tighten the knot, trim the ends and then just take it on and off over your hand- which is just as well because I wouldn’t recommend wearing these for swimming or bathing or generally getting wet as they need to be looked after carefully.

    I’m so immensely happy with the muted colour pallet we’ve achieved and the earthy tones, as well as of course the fabric’s sustainable credentials. (Our previous cords were recycled cotton and eco dyed but these feel much more us, a little different and closer to what I’ve wanted to achieve for some time)

    Please see the last photo for the colour guide and select your charm and cord colour from the drop down list.


    Sunshine and Custard are dyed using Turmeric and Rice Vinegar

    Faded Denim and Cornflower are dyed using Black Turtle Beans

    Just Peachy is dyed using a combination of Avocado Pits and Skins and Tumeric

    Raspberry Ripple is dyed using Avocado Pits and Rice Vinegar

    Mocha is dyed using Black Tea